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The Well

The WellE-Commerce Launch Campaign

Moving New York’s best known wellness club online with a social-first campaign.

The Well is New York's most exclusive wellness club — a first-of-its kind ecosystem for wellness, situated in the heart of Manhattan. Members can see an integrated team of health specialists, from acupuncturists and nutrition coaches to yoga teachers and personal trainers. Their team of elite health practitioners, hand chosen from across the spectrum of Eastern and Wester medicine, all sit within the club’s bespoke 18,000 square foot retreat on the corner of Fifth Avenue.

The Well came to January Third to create and produce a marketing campaign in advance of their much anticipated e-commerce launch. Together with The Well’s marketing team, we created a suite of digital ads to introduce The Well to the world beyond New York, which became more crucial as the weeks went by and the COVID-19 pandemic spread quickly throughout the country.

The suite of ads developed and produced for The Well ran as Instagram dark ads, Instagram Stories and retargeting display ads. The digital campaign features creative that speaks to the power of The Well's science-backed, rigorously third-party tested supplements, presented with the club's refined, minimalist design language. "Supplements that work" is the simple thought that motivates the work.

Another component of the campaign educated our audience about the role of wildcrafted essential oils, synthesized by a master bio-alchemist, in a regimen of self-care. For this campaign work, we set out to teach wellness-curious consumers that "the best moisturizer isn't a moisturizer at all." With airy, natural light photography and elegant type, we aimed to create ads that feel like their product: luxurious and simple.

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We brought the spirit, care and attention-to-detail of The Well's bespoke club to a new audience online.

Next in the Campaign

19 million views later, we put our collective energy towards battling the virus and healing the world.

The e-commerce campaign launched just as the novel coronavirus began to shut down life across New York City and the country at large. As anxiety and confusion spread, we seized the moment to bring an opportunity for reflection and meditation to our audience of seekers. Together, January Third and The Well partnered with Deepak Chopra to produce H(OM)E, a live global meditation event that brought together hundreds of thousands of people from across the world for 20 minutes of guided grace. From Deepak's home to all of ours.

Thanks in part to campaign work from January Third driving attention to the livesteam event, the first platform used to host the meditation crashed under the weight of tens of thousands of visitors that arrived on launch. The event was moved to Facebook Live where, ultimately, the live event was streamed more than 19 million times. The 20 minutes of guided meditation prompted 538,000 social reactions and was shared in platform 25,000 times. The event didn't stop the pandemic but it did bring reflection and calm to millions grappling with anxiety and loneliness across the globe.

And the launch of a new product.

As the virus spread, The Well quickly realized they could help by offering a FDA-approved, WHO-backed hand sanitizer. As their factory changed gears, transitioning to producing potentially life-saving hand sanitizer, we got to work, too. We designed the branding, messaging, and packaging for Clean Hands, the new hand sanitizer product, and created an updated suite of creative to share the hand sanitizer with the world.

But in the midst of an unprecedented global pandemic, an elaborate photoshoot is hard to come by. While still in lock down, and while still staying safe, January Third produced a striking photoshoot that captured the sense of calm that comes with a pair of clean hands. The tagline, "clean hands, clear mind," said directly what the photography made you feel.