American Airlines

American Airlines

American Airlines"In Here" Launch Campaign

The Admirals Club is a place of respite and solace, sitting comfortably above the chaos of the airport. It always has been. And now it’s getting its first facelift in 10 years. There’s a private concierge, a full-service staffed bar, a commercial-grade kitchen, and enough outlets to power silicon valley.

Before it makes its debut at an airport near you, the all-new redesigned Admirals Club landed in DCA, aka National Airport in Washington, DC.

We partnered with American Airlines to develop campaign creative that would introduce their reimagined offering; a hero film, a photography library, and key campaign language their team can leverage as they unveil lounges nationwide. Our simple thought: the all-new Admirals Lounge is a sanctuary — filled with lush textures and fire-place light. And when you're there, it's easy to forget that you're in the airport.

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