GlissantSexual Wellness Marketing

A personal lubricant, in a stunning package, that makes sex fun again.

Glissant is a premium personal lubricant designed by women, for women. With all-natural ingredients, without hormones or harsh chemicals, Glissant is the lube you deserve. January Third partnered with Glissant to create a suite of social ads to support the product's launch amidst the chaos of Spring 2020.

Dr. Karyn Eilber created Glissant in part for her patients who experience pain during sex — in fact, her co-founder is one of her patients. Dr. Eilber knew she could help women experience more pleasure during sex at any age. So she came up with two products that help in two ways: lubrication to counter dryness, and CBD to relax the vaginal muscles.

The Big Idea
"For a product category that's often hidden out of sight, it was crucial to express bold, unabashed confidence."

The Launch Campaign

A lube you don't need to hide in your bedside table.

Dr. Eilber and her partner Renee created a product that is FDA cleared and backed by real, rigorous science. But that wasn't the only differentiator. The Glissant team set out from the beginning to build their superior product in a form factor that looks at home among cosmetics or high-end perfumes. As a direct-to-consumer brand, though, Glissant was reliant on digital advertising to launch their product and introduce women everywhere to their elevated personal lubricant.

January Third created a suite of digital ads for Glissant to bring the premium, luxury feel of the brand to Instagram, Facebook and Google display units. With a sleek form factor cast in glistening gold, this is a personal lubricant you can keep proudly on your side table. It's eye-catching, even decadent — and helps remind us that increased sexual pleasure is just a spray away. Our creative featured provocative croppings of glamorous photography, paired with type that riffed on an earlier era of luxury. All told, the creative feels both decidedly modern and playfully vintage.

A Series of Ad Units