Meet This Team

We're a group of exceptional weirdos sitting together in Logan Circle, making our best work every single day.

Meet the Team

Zach Goodwin
Zach GoodwinPartner + Creative Director
Maggie Winters
Maggie WintersPartner + Creative Director
Erica Goodwin
Erica GoodwinDirector of Account Services
Nathan Colby
Nathan ColbyDirector of Content Production
Jiwon Baeq
Jiwon BaeqEditor
Audrey Gu
Audrey GuDesigner
Edward Thring
Edward ThringSr. Interactive Designer
Kelly Aratoon
Kelly AratoonDirector of Media
Patrick Taylor
Patrick TaylorSr. Account Manager
Josh Strupp
Josh StruppAssociate Creative Director
Valerie Muzondi
Valerie MuzondiDesigner
Andrea Carlota
Andrea CarlotaJr. Designer
Tyler Cogburn
Tyler CogburnSr. Designer
Joyce Mangione
Joyce MangioneAccount Manager
Jess Rhoads
Jess RhoadsDirector of Finance
Martin Hagar
Martin HagarJr. Account Manager
Billie Evans
Billie EvansJr. Copywriter

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