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Schweid & Sons

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Meet store brand-bland’s mortal enemy.

There are four generations of Schweids, each equally passionate about one thing: making the very best burger. We’re talking proprietary blends of best-of-butcher chuck, wagyu, and brisket. It’s 5-star restaurant quality, made available at your local grocer.

Schweid’s mission for 2023: to rise above the Wahlburgers of the world, increase household penetration, and inspire brand loyalty. Schweid & Sons partnered with J3 to do just that, and to evolve their legacy #OpenWeid for a broader audience.

Schweid & Sons is the diamond in the rough. It sits among rows of factory farm-produced patties on refrigerated shelves — better than the rest but often hard to find. Our goal to convince shoppers that Schweid & Sons is worth the premium price point by underscoring its quality and its distinctive packaging.

We explored dozens of directions — some weirder than others. Each meatier than the last.

Schweid & Sons — Case Study

The Idea

Celebrities aren't delicious.

Ultimately, we landed on a simple idea: unlike our competitors, we don’t need a celebrity endorsement because our burger *is* the celebrity. It’s an indirect shot at Wahlburgers and lends itself to putting our hero, and its pretty packaging, front and center. All burger. No fluff.

We dove further, exploring archetypes of spokespeople — the all-American athlete, the Oscar-winning actor, the IG influencer — and developed cutdowns that pitted our burger vs. the ever-inferior celebrity. And, of course, the obligatory director's cut of our hero.

Delicious — Spot
Influencer — Spot


The J3 team handled production start to finish. We produced our own animatic to nail down a shotlist, coordinated scouting, propping, talent, wardrobe, food styling — you name it. Despite the 35º weather, we turned a drab backyard into a summer BBQ (with the help of 12 space heaters and a little CGI, of course).