Distracted Driving PSA

Distracted Driving PSA

Distracted Driving PSA"1,000 Ways" National Campaign

Attention. This is a public service announcement. PSAs have the power to change culture. Consider drunk driving campaigns of the 90s, the “buzzed driving is drunk driving” messages. Now, drunk driving deaths have fallen 83% since 1982.

Drunk driving, while still a problem, isn’t nearly as pervasive as distracted driving. Reaching in the back to recover your kid’s fallen fruit snacks? Adjusting mirrors while in motion? It’s all distracted driving. But the real culprit is texting.

America’s wireless companies partnered with J3 to discourage distracted driving to the tune of 100 million impressions. Reaching Americans is easy. Creating a message that inspires change isn’t.

Watch the :30 TVC
Everyone, and we mean everyone, has the power to stop a distracted driver.
But not everyone approaches it the same way. We wanted to show diversity, in character and in how they take action.
The Results
The campaign has garnered over 100 million impressions so far and continues to reach American drivers across 395 TV stations and across the Internet.