Short Codes Registry

Short Codes Registry

Short Codes RegistryIntegrated Telecomm Campaign

Last year, we let them know. This year, everyone knows — Virtually every American uses Short Code daily, and still few actually knew what they were. Last year’s campaign changed that, educating tens of millions about those 6-digit numbers we unknowingly love.

“Obviously”, as the campaign was known, exceeded even our wildest benchmarks with a ROAS of 191x. We rode the momentum into 2023. If last year explained what a Short Code *is*, this year explains what a Short Code *represents*; it draws an unforgettable connection between Short Codes and the feeling they conjure in customers. Senders are verified, the open rate is nearly 100%, and billions of texts are sent with Short Codes every year. Short Codes are, in a word, trustworthy. This would become our campaign linchpin.

"Everyone Knows" — :30 OTT


Q1 2023 is off to a strong start with 1,062 conversions and a 180x ROAS. Year over year, our average video view rate increased 63%, while average CPC decreased 17%.

“Everyone Knows” is in its first flight. Perhaps one of our characters will emerge as an audience favorite. If we were to guess: Chef Mark. He’s got too many Michelin stars to lose. Then again, Sandra Stormfront of Channel 5 is up for a Peabody. We’ll see!