NixitPeriods in Quarantine Campaign

We built a campaign to give away 500 years worth of period care. Yes, 500 years — When the quarantine began, folks took to Twitter in droves to lament yet another household staple that was suddenly in short supply: tampons. They were sold out. Seemingly everywhere. We found the same startling lack of tampons at our grocery stores, too. That's when we discovered there's a better option than buying a box of tampons every single month: reusable menstrual cups.

We partnered with DTC period care startup Nixit to help menstruators get the supplies they need during quarantine. We designed a social campaign to give away 100 menstrual cups to healthcare workers and people unable to find tampons. With each cup lasting 5 years, that's 500 years of period care.

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Product Giveaway
A Much-Needed Change
The tampon was invented in 1929. We deserve some innovation at least once a century.
Mess-Free Period Sex

The Results

Well, that was quick. That almost never happens.

With the creative ready to go, the giveaway went live. We used a combination of dark posted ad units and in-feed creative to make sure everyone knew about the giveaway. But the ads barely launched before the donated Nixits were fully claimed.

Eight minutes! The campaign was almost *too* successful — all 100 free menstrual cups were claimed within literally eight minutes of the giveaway going live. Armed with 500 years worth of new period products, we're excited to see how the Nixit can help menstruators across the country save a trip to the store, and how the giveaway can help take the menstrual cup mainstream.