Habit Campaign

Habit Campaign

Habit Brand Launch CampaignThe birth of a vitamin mascot

Have you ever fallen in love with a vitamin? We hadn't either. Those little bottles can be decidedly inanimate. The modern vitamin category is full of brands with pretty bottles. But they still leave us feeling empty inside.

Where are the hordes of fans clamoring to get their vitamin's autograph? Bidding on rare auctions of their vitamin's signature purple overalls? Clutching a vitamin plushie as they drift off to sleep, dreaming of affordable, accessible wellness?

The supplements category is desperate for a spokes-vitamin. Enter BIG HABIT.

"Habit is Here to Help"
:30 TVC
In a crowded category, this campaign stands out by offering vitamins so lovable they're impossible to forget.
Habit Does Not Agree
:15 OTT / Digital
Behind the Scenes
Big Habit came to life over the course of 15 weeks. Let's see how it all began...

It's not magic, it's artboard 39-v2-copy 4.jpeg

Text about creating a ton of different mockups before we landed on BIG HABIT as is. Text will be about this long and clever. V clever.
mascot ad campaign by this january
In which the stakeholders have our back...
TikToks and romance novels and swag, oh my! Now here's where it starts getting really weird.
How do you advertise libido capsules on digital? Perhaps with a cheeky romance novel featuring vintage-style illustration of our vitamin bestie.